Tourism represents a significant growth opportunity for developing countries. The opportunity is particularly great in Africa where tourism development and growth rates have lagged behind much of the rest of the world. The emergence of a new middle-class in many populous countries has greatly increased demand for international destinations and the growing importance of sustainable eco-tourism in sophisticated markets makes Africa uniquely positioned to take advantage of this valuable revenue stream.

If managed properly, eco-tourism can provide a virtuous circle of economic growth, long-term jobs and transferable skill sets, and a steady income stream that can help to fund the ongoing protection of natural resources.

Premium lodges designed to the highest standards of sustainability and built with the lowest possible environmental impact will be developed within wildlife reserves. Staff will be employed and trained from within local communities offering both job security and long-term broad education.

Partnerships with international conservation NGOs will be established and global ambassadors will be enlisted target the sophisticated, high-value international traveller.