Waste-to-energy production allowing us to clean up the environment by processing waste in order to produce clean energy.

Our innovative and unique thermolysis-gasification technology allows for energy generation from waste sources without incineration, creating little or no harmful emissions. What is emitted is captured in a closed-loop system and disposed of harmlessly.

Key elements of our power generation capabilities include:

1 Portable
Our power plants can be deconstructed and reconstructed in a new location in under 4 weeks.

2 Modular
Our power plants are scalable from as little as 1 MW to 500MW or more depending on requirements.

3 Clean, Clean Up
Our power plants utilize Waste-to-Energy (WTE) technology to convert, for example, existing landfills and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), agricultural waste and even any form of industrial toxic waste (except nuclear waste), into clean synthetic gas (Syngas) energy for power generation.

There is a further opportunity to apply for carbon credits through the Clean Development Mechanism or under voluntary arrangements. Carbon credits can be used to raise additional finance or offset emissions of other development initiatives.
Waste-to-Energy Thermolysis- Gasification System
Environmental Benefits
  • Emission free energy
  • Landfill clean-up avoids build-up of harmful methane gas, leaking of chemicals into water systems and releases land back for positive uses
  • Clean processing of agricultural waste eliminating carbon emissions otherwise emitted when burned by farmers
  • Utilisation of toxic industrial waste