What we do
Power  |  Community  |  Water  |  Land
Socio-economic development is a highly complex issue with many varied components. Good Earth Power's approach is to introduce new technologies and commercial models into six core areas:

Power Generation
Generation and delivery of clean, renewable energy with a view to drive rural electrification as well as foster the development of local clean energy industries.
Community Development
Nurture self-sustaining communities through the provisionof the basic necessities, infrastructure development, and education to promote sustainable growth.
Water Resource Management
Improve the availability of reliable, clean water sources, increase water awareness through conservation programmes and introduce state of the art water management systems and techniques.
Land Development
Introduce more efficient and better-suited crops, educate with optimised and sustainable agricultural practices to protect land for future use and generate revenue streams for agricultural waste.
Next generation, commercially viable biofuels offer significant opportunities to provide energy security, agricultural revenues and a platform for renewable energy production in particular and industry as a whole.

Wildlife Preservation
A considered programme of preservation, conservation and professional management will not only safeguard precious wildlife but will also help drive the establishment of a sustainable tourism industry.