Power For Good
The Power for Good programme is designed to break the cycle of poverty in Africa, one community at a time in as many countries as will participate.

We leverage new technologies and business models to change the economics of investments in Africa, allowing us to generate sufficient returns to meet the needs of our investors, while creating revenue for significant, game-changing community development initiatives.

The Power for Good name is predicated on three things:

- Empowering the communities with which we work for the good of the African people
- Delivering clean and renewable energies – power forever And for the good of the environment
- Delivering the power in exchange for goods rather than currency, allowing the African governments themselves to initiate the investment in our programme.

Working in close conjunction with the communities themselves is paramount in order to ensure that our investments meet the immediate and future requirements of each location and circumstance.

Our long-term view allows us to work towards a vision of a sustainable future where addressing the needs of today does not jeopardise what is left behind for tomorrow.

Our activities are driven by three goals:

1. Sustainable, Economic Growth
2. Community Empowerment and Development
3. Environmental Protection

The technologies we have identified from around the world delivered through our proprietary 'Ecosystem' commercial model offer a unique and unprecedented opportunity for developing nations to dramatically and rapidly improve the standard of living within their countries.

Our technologies form the foundation of the Power for Good programme. They have been carefully identified to address the specific needs within developing countries and generate high returns on investment.

The objective is to deploy solutions that resolve key socio-economic challenges while earning significant levels of profit. Although profits will be re-invested for further growth and development, the ability to generate these returns is also important to demonstrate that positive action can be profitable.
The Power For Good Ecosystem
Facts of Life
  • The average life expectancy in Africa is 46
  • 58% of Africans have access to clean water
  • It is estimated that an African child dies of malaria every 30 seconds
  • 34% of Africans are undernourished
  • Approximately 40% of Africans over the age of 15 are illiterate
  • Africa is the fastest urbanizing continent in the world but 72% of urban Africans live in slums
  • There are more people connected to the internet in NYC than in the entire African continent
  • Half the population of Africa lives on less than US$1 a day
  • Africa hosts about 30% of global mineral reserves and is a major producer of several of the world's most important minerals and metals
  • Africa counts for 22% of the worlds total land area
Source: IDRC Canada, 2010 & Africa Development Bank Group, 2010
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