We seek to drive long-term sustainable economic development in Africa.

Delivering on this mission requires a new philosophy, one in which we must first recognise others, rather than ourselves...

Recognise that community resources must first be deployed for the benefit of the community before the benefit of others.

Recognise that we live in a competitive environment, that the demands of the market and investors must be met if we are to succeed.

We must be willing to test the status quo and expand boundaries through new business models, new technologies, and new approaches to partnership with government and financial institutions.

We aim for unprecedented social impact investments into communities from profits generated from each community's resources.

We welcome openly any new technology that can help the developing world leap forward in growth, standard of living, education and self-determination.

We explore all avenues of financing government and community initiatives through integrated cross-governmental projects combined with financial engineering.

Our philosophy demands this from each of us:

That we only work with technologies seemingly 'too good to be true', technologies that allow us to change the economics sufficiently to deliver sustainable community development.

We need to work with flexible and open-minded governments that actively seek change for the betterment of their communities.

We must partner with institutions and organisations that share our focus and commit to re-investing profits into community development.

We believe in power for good...