About Good Earth Power
Good Earth Power fosters every person's right to health, opportunity, prosperity and energy while recognising the need for environmentally responsible economic development.

Our focus is in delivering projects that benefit human society as well as nature, ranging from the provision of clean renewable energy, to sustainable land development and the preservation of wildlife.

Africa is widely acknowledged as the cradle of life on earth and remains to this day the source of a vast amount of raw materials that fuel the growth of the modern world.

Yet a continent so rich in natural resources is still home to some of the poorest nations on the planet and countless communities that lack the basic essentials.

Good Earth Power has developed the 'Power for Good' programme to drive forward economic development and prosperity in Africa through the responsible delivery of clean and renewable energy; the provision of the basic necessities of life - water, food, shelter, education, healthcare - and the creation of self-sustaining market-based communities.

One of the major barriers to growth is direct and affordable access to a reliable power source. The provision of low-cost power has historically come at great cost to the local environment, often destroying the very assets that it was intended to help develop and nurture.

Our immediate priority is clean energy projects that will provide a platform for growth and development. We now have the knowledge, experience and available technologies to ensure that the pursuit of progress need not be coupled with environmental degradation, and that communities can grow sustainably, nurturing their natural environment and safeguarding resources for future generations.

Good Earth Power harnesses these technologies and implements them through innovative commercial models that follow a primary objective of local socio-economic development.

With a global network of expert partners and a long-term investment horizon, we are able to work towards delivering practical solutions that offer maximum benefit to all stakeholders and demonstrate a positive environmental impact.